90% Silver Bag Roosevelt Dimes $1000 Face (10000 pcs.)

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    Authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792, the dime is the smallest and thinnest coin in all of the US coins minted. Before the dime became official, there was a strong desire for a smaller denomination of the US dollar. The Seated Liberty dime was the first dime to contain 90% silver in its alloy structure; before that, the dime's silver content was slight below the 90% line. The Roosevelt dime is the most current design in US coinage. Its predecessors contain a list of draped bust dimes, capped bust dimes, Seated Liberty dimes, the Barber dime, which was named after the Chief Engraver of the US Mint, and the Mercury dime. President Franklin Roosevelt passed away in 1945 and sooner after, a legislation was introduced to update the dime's design and feature the beloved late president. By honoring Roosevelt, with a dime named after him, his efforts of funding the cure for polio would be remembered forever. Until 1965, the Roosevelt dime contained 90% silver, 10% copper.

    In the 90% Silver Bag Roosevelt Dimes $1000 Face, there are approximately 10,000 90% Roosevelt dimes. Like all of our 90% $1000 Face bags, these dimes are in one large canvas bag. Also known as junk silver, 90% silver is invested in mainly for its silver content and its decent condition with dates that are still readable. Since this 90% Silver Roosevelt Dimes $1000 Bag is one of our best silver values, all coins in this bag are considered to be common dates. When you invest in this 90% bag, you will be receiving 715 ounce of pure silver guaranteed! The best part of investing in 90% silver is the convenience of owning silver in a smaller denomination. This makes it easier to break up if selling is ever an option. If you have any questions concerning this popular item, please give us a call!

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