90% Silver Bag Walking Liberty Halves $1000 Face (2000pcs.)

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    The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was the official US half dollar from 1916-1947. The famous Walking Liberty design was created by German-American sculptor, Adolph A. Weinman, who is also famous for his "Mercury" dime design. The Walking Liberty became the new half dollar, after the Barber series (quarters, half dollars, dimes), ran its course for 25 years. In fact, the new Mint director in 1915, Robert W. Woolley, believed it was his civic duty to officially change the design of the half dollar. Woolley held a competition among the Commission of Fine Arts to see who could design the best Lady Liberty. Weinman was selected the winner of the competition for his Walking Liberty design. Although the design of Lady Liberty, walking towards to sun, is a beautiful and unique take, this made minting a coin very difficult. Since the coin never struck very well, it was changed in 1948 for the easier design of Benjamin Franklin.

    The 90% Silver Walking Liberty Halves $1000 Face Bag consists of 2000 half dollars, weighing approximately 715 ounces in pure silver content. More commonly known as "junk silver," 90% silver coins are bought specifically for their silver content. With junk silver, it is fair to expect circulated coins that are still fully intact and dates still readable. The readable dates do not carry any numismatic value, since the low-mintage dates are sold at a higher premium. When using the term, "junk silver," the word junk is referring to the lack of numismatic value the coins contain and not the actual condition the coins are in. 90% silver is ideal for owning silver in a smaller denomination and that is easier to separate if you ever need to sell. If you have any questions concerning this popular item, please give us a call!

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