2013 Australia 1 oz Silver Lunar Snake

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    The Year of the Snake was minted in 2013 by the Perth Mint to continue their series: the Australian Lunar Series II. The Perth Mint started this series to celebrate the Chinese zodiac calendar, which is an ancient system connecting animals and humans to birth years. This calendar is known to tell the fortune of a person, depending on the year they were born into. Being nothing short of amazing detail and great quality from the Perth Mint, these pure silver snake coins come in brilliant uncirculated condition and are delivered encapsulated from the mint. The Perth Mint is also producing more coins in the Australian Lunar Series II with a higher mintage than the first series but it still is limited every year. Only 300,000 of these silver snakes were minted, intriguing coin collectors everywhere to start investing in this grand Perth Mint series.

    Although the snake symbolizes malice and cunningness in the Chinese culture, it is good luck to find a snake in your garden. In ancient times, the symbol of a snake wrapping itself around a rabbit was good luck and indicated wealth. Also, those born under the year of the snake have a much different temperament. They are known to have wisdom beyond their years and they are great at communication.

    The reverse of this silver coin is portrays a lone snake, entangled on a branch. With all of the Series II designs, the snake is actually proof-like with a matte finish background. Underneath the sneaky snake are the words, "Year of the Snake". The Perth Mint's mint-mark is also featured, along with the Chinese symbol for "snake". When the coin is turned over, you see her in all her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II with the coin's denomination ($1), 1 oz .999 silver, "Australia", and 2013 written around the rim. The obverse also has more proof-like qualities than Series I. Slither into the coin-collecting world now and buy your own snake of good fortune!

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