2001 1 oz Mexican Silver Libertad

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    History and mythology of Mexican culture are both contained in one coin. Displaying the winged Victoria, the obverse of the Mexican Libertad celebrates Mexico's independence from Spain. Victoria, also known as the goddess of victory, is the showstopper on this coin. She is delicately poised on a pillar, keeping her above humanity. Only her bottom half is covered by a sheer drape that cascading by the wind. Her arms are opened wide and her wings expand over the landscape. In the distance are two well-known volcanoes that also have important meaning in Mexican folklore. The princess, Iztaccihuatl, fell in love with a warrior named Popocatépetl. The warrior was sent to war and due to the stress of his life being in danger, the princess died. When the warrior returned, he was so consumed by grief that he took his princess to the mountains where the gods reside. He begged for them to spare her life but instead, the gods made the two lovers into volcanoes so they will be always be next to each other. To this day, those very old volcanoes are still active, encouraging the legend. Hold Mexico's pride and joy in your hands and enjoy the new addition to your silver coin collection!

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -Brilliant Uncirculated condition
    -Packaged in coin flip
    -Obverse: A winged Victoria is featured on the obverse. The Mexican Mint's mintmark is displayed next to Victoria's head and "1 onza pura plata" is written above her head to prove the coin's purity. The coin's year of mintage, 2001, is also inscribed on the obverse.
    -Reverse: The reverse of the coin exhibits Mexico's national seal, a tall eagle balancing on its talons holding a snake in its mouth. Encircling the historical seal are 10 tinier designs that also include the prominent eagle; these designs symbolize the 10 provinces of Mexico.

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    • Year: 2001
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