1997 Chinese Silver Panda 1 oz - Small Date

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    This amazing series has a reputation dating back to 1983 and has only grown in popularity every year. These coins are guaranteed to be premium quality, remarkably designed and struck, and they come in excellent packaging. This and more is what many collectors and investors love about the Chinese Silver Panda coin series. The earlier dates, of this series, contain extremely limited mintages and only 50,000 coins were minted in 1997! Your 1997 Chinese Silver Panda weighs one compact ounce of pure silver and is intentionally packaged in a mint-sealed capsule for ultimate protection for shipment and storage. Your coin is also gleaming with the "freshly struck" brilliant uncirculated finish.

    The panda that is showcased on the reverse design of the 1997 silver panda is most likely a cub, climbing a tree branch. Adult pandas usually do not climb trees but panda cubs do. When a mother panda is spending 16 hours of the day eating, she makes her cub more vulnerable since she isn't in the position to protect her young. The cub will generally tend to climb trees to stay out of the way of danger, especially the yellow-throated marten, a weasel-like animal that preys on panda cubs. On these silver coins, pandas are usually shown with bamboo in some fashion but in this picture, bamboo is nowhere to be found. The reverse also bears the inscription of the coin's purity, weight, and denomination. Unlike many other bullion coins, the Chinese Silver Panda series do not bear mint marks, making it difficult to figure out where the coins were produced. In 1996-1999, the fonts used to mark the dates were different, depending on where the coins were struck, thus having the larger and smaller fonts. The obverse of this silver panda not only displays the Temple of Heaven but also the small date of mintage and "The People's Republic of China."

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    • Year: 1997
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