Washington Quarter Roll 1984-S Proof

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    With a mintage just over 3 million, the 1984-S Proof Washington Quarter Roll are in pristine proof condition and are packaged in a coin tube. Minted by one of the first mint facilities in the US, the 1984-S Proof Washington Quarter carries a "S" mint-mark. George Washington's well-known portrait it presented on the coin's obverse, as well as the coin's date of mintage. The reverse features the US National Seal and the coin's legal tender value of a quarter dollar. Collecting the Washington Quarter set is ideal for history aficionados or novice collectors. Since 1965, most Proof Washington Quarters were comprised of a nickel/copper alloy.

    George Washington was the nation’s first president and is often nicknamed, “the father of the country.” Washington grew up on a tobacco plantation, in rural Virginia, where his family were wealthy and could afford him to go to better schools. He even inherited the tobacco plantation but instead of following footsteps, Washington enlisted in the military. Washington was quickly recognized as a strong leader and quickly moved up in rank. In later years, Washington led the US Continental Army to victory about Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. Due to his non-partisan political stand, it is said that Washington is among the list of best presidents in US history.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1984
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    • Mint Mark: S
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