Washington Quarter 1956 BU

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    In 1789, Washington was elected the first president of the United States and held the office for 8 years. Washington made history and earned the respect worldwide when he decided to step down, instead of keep running for president. Compared to other world leaders, who usually “reign” until they die, Washington desired to see the country thrive with new leadership every 4-8 years and not a minute longer. Washington began his career by inheriting a tobacco farm in Virginia. Instead of riding out his family’s fortune, he enlisted. He was quickly recognized as an outstanding leader and was promoted to Senior Officer in the Colonial Militia during the French and Indian War. His early successes only set him up for further greatness when he was the Commander in Chief for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

    The 1956 Washington Quarter has an extremely high mintage of over 56 million and is in brilliant uncirculated condition. With an overproduction of Washington Quarters in 1956, the 1956 Washington Quarter is accessible in prime BU condition for a low premium. The Philadelphia Mint was the first mint in the US and therefore, didn’t place a mint-mark on the actual coin. George Washington’s portrait is featured on the obverse with the reverse design of the US National Seal. The US Mint produced the Washington Quarter to honor the first president’s bicentennial birth year, in 1932, and his portrait has stayed on the quarter ever since.

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    • Year: 1956
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