Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1942 BU

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    The 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted by the original mint and thus, does not carry a mint-mark. Being a part of a ridiculously high mintage, the 1942 is considered to be in brilliant uncirculated condition. The 1942 Walking Liberty exhibits an alluring shine from rim to rim and contains absolutely no wear. Like all 90% silver coins, the 1942 Walking Liberty is subject to naturally tarnish over time if not stored properly. Tarnishing does not affect the overall value of the coin, just the appearance and can easily be removed. The Philadelphia Mint is the oldest mint in the US, being established in 1792. After the ratification of the Constitution, the Founding Fathers needed to establish a national identity and a means of commerce. At the time, Philadelphia was the capital of the US so it only made sense for the first mint to be built there. The Mint Act was also passed, during this time, to assign coins denominations based on their legal tender or metal fineness. The Mint Act also mandated that an emblematic symbol of liberty should be depicted on all US currency, lending to the reason Lady Liberty is on most US currency.

    The Barber Half Dollar was produced for 25 years before being replaced. When the Barber design was ready to retire, the Mint Director held a competition among young artists, to compete for the honor of designing the new half dollar. After the director saw Adolph A. Weinman's design, Weinman was awarded to design the new dime and half dollar. Both designs are famous designs that have acquired an extreme collector following over time. Honoring Liberty's youth by picturing her in action, instead of a stuffy portrait, brings her to life and is a great picture of American pride.

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