Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1941 BU

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    The Philadelphia Mint produced an extremely large quantity of Walking Liberty Half Dollars in 1941. Since there are still so many accessible to the general public, the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar comes with a very low premium for a Walking Liberty that is also in brilliant uncirculated condition. Brilliant uncirculated condition exhibits a strong shine rim to rim and contains no wear or scratching. The Walking Liberty Half Dollars are made from 90% silver and can tarnish over time but the tarnish can easily removed if need be. In order to protect that BU gloss, the 1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar will be packaged in a coin flip to ensure proper protection while in transit.

    The Walking Liberty Half Dollar replaced the Barber design in 1916 and was minted for about 30 years after. Considered to be one of the most beautiful coin designs in history, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was created by a German-American sculptor. As was tradition when a new coin design was needed, the US Mint Director resorted to a competition among young artists. Not only did Adolph A. Weinman win for the half dollar but he was also asked to design the new dime as well. Weinman has been quoted for wanting to depict Liberty in her youth, as a Grecian goddess, and he did just that with both designs. On the obverse, of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Liberty walks carefree in a lightweight, see-through robe. She carries olive branches in one arm while the other is reaching out in invitation. Underneath her sandaled feet is the coin's date of mintage. As the rising sun encroaches behind her, the word "Liberty" is inscribed above her head.

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    • Year: 1941
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