Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1935 BU

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    Adolph A. Weinman was a famous sculptor, who won a competition to design the new dime and half dollar in 1916. Since the Barber design reigned all three denominations for over 25 years, it was legally allowed for the Mint Director to update the design. Weinman wowed the public when the Walking Liberty design was released. Instead of sticking to a portrait-like design, Weinman desired to depict Liberty's youth and her origin. Liberty is a Grecian goddess so naturally Weinman wanted to show her in a Greek toga, her slender and long body gently draped with a flowing robe. This design is still used currently on the American Silver Eagle and is proved to be one of the most popular designs in coin history. Although the design was loved by all, it was a pain for the mint to strike, and after 30 years of production, the Walking Liberty was replaced by the Franklin Half Dollar.

    The 1935 Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted by the original mint in the US and is in brilliant uncirculated condition. Exhibiting a shine that runs rim to rim, the 1935 Walking Liberty is also barren of any wear. The 1935 Walking Liberty will be packaged in an appropriate coin flip to protect its natural sheen. The Philadelphia Mint was the Founding Fathers' idea to get on the map of international commerce and has been a strong reminder of how far this country has come. Participating in most coin series since 1792, the Philadelphia Mint's signature is no mint-mark.

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