Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1921-S G-VG

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    In 1921, the Morgan Silver Dollar made a comeback, causing the US Mint to share their silver reserves for their new dollar. This affected the Walking Liberty Half Dollar's production and causing the lowest minted coins in the series. The 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar was minted at the infamous San Francisco Mint and is a part of a mintage of only 548,000. Considered to be in good to very good condition, the 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar contains severe wear on both sides of the coin, and is lacking in intricate detailing. When comparing a coin minted at San Francisco and one minted at one of the other mints, there is quite a noticeable difference. The strike is stronger, the designs last longer even when circulated, and the mint-mark is more prominent. The San Francisco Mint was first established in 1854, as a result of the famous gold rushes. This mint is known for not only making the most coins, out of the four mints, but they are also admired by their quality of coin as well.

    The German-American sculptor, Adolph A. Weinman, is responsible for such a flawless design and has other designs still being commemorated throughout the US, such as his Mercury dime. The modern American Silver Eagle bullion coin was inspired by the Walking Liberty and is admired by collectors and investors universally. Lady Liberty is beautifully dressed in a Grecian robe, holding her hand out while the other is holding olive branches and underneath her sandaled feet is the date of mintage. The reverse features a prideful eagle, confidently perched on a branch with its wings outstretched. the Walking Liberty Half Dollar was produced from 1916-1947 and is still known to be one of the most stunning pieces every created by the US Mint. Even though it was minted for over 30 years, it gave the mint great trouble where the die was concerned. A less detailed and easier to strike Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar replaced the Walking Liberty.

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