Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1920-D G-VG

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    The 1920-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar is part of a hefty mintage and is in good to very good condition. Good to very good condition contains extreme amounts of wear but has a readable date and isn't in cull condition. The main image details, such as Liberty's headpiece or the heraldic eagle's feathers are greatly lacking on the circulated coins. The 1920-D Walking Liberty will be packaged in an appropriate coin flip for protection. Being established only in 1906, the Denver Mint was able to fully participate in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar collection from start to finish, since it has been a working mint for ten years. Marking all of their coins with the "D" mint-mark, the Denver Mint stands today as the leading coin producer in the world and was established in 1906. Since most earlier Walking Liberty Half Dollars are only accessible in more circulated conditions, collectors are more willing to downgrade their collection to achieve the more difficult dates.

    Since the Walking Liberty Half Dollars are 90% silver, they may tarnish over time, which is completely natural. Tarnishing does not affect the overall value of the coin, just the appearance and can easily be removed. The Walking Liberty design is still viewed as one of the most stunning designs ever on a coin and inspired the current American Silver Eagle bullion coin. Adolph A. Weinman was the German-American sculptor chosen to redesign the half dollar and the dime after the reign of the Barber design. Weinman is also responsible for the Mercury dime and other commemorative coin designs throughout the US. On the obverse, Liberty is draped in a robe, holding a bundle of olive branches. The rising sun is behind her, while the word "Liberty" is inscribed above her head. The date of mintage is etched below her sandaled feet.

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    • Year: 1920
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