Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1917-D Reverse G-VG

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    The Mint Director, Robert W. Woolley, learned that a coin design could only be changed every 25 years, it was time to change the Barber design on the dimes, quarters, and half dollars. Like other directors in the past, Woolley reached out to local artists and held a competition for the new design. Sculptor, Adolph A. Weinman, was chosen to not only change the half dollar design but also the dime design as well. These two designs changed Weinman's career and are still considered extremely successful 100 years later. Weinman's depiction of Liberty is still used today, on the American Silver Eagle bullion coin.

    The 1917-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar Reverse contains a much higher mintage than it's 1917-D Obverse counterpart. In 1917, the Denver and San Francisco Mint placed their mint-marks on the obverse and the reverse of their coins. Finding both in higher grades is nearly impossible but in circulated condition, a collector can find one for a decent premium. The 1917-D Reverse carries its "D" mint-mark on the back of the coin, like the others in the series do. The 1917-D Reverse is also in good condition, exhibiting heavy wear on the entire coin's surface but the date is still readable. Marking all of their coins with the "D" mint-mark, the Denver Mint stands today as the leading coin producer in the world and was established in 1906. Being established only in 1906, the Denver Mint was able to fully participate in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar collection from start to finish, since it has been a working mint for ten years.

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