Uncirculated Gold Buffalo Coin One Ounce (Random Year)

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    Released in 2006, the American Gold Buffalo coins immediately became a hot commodity for collectors and investors interested in buying gold coin. The American Gold Buffalo Coins represent a great way to buy gold at relatively low premiums over the current gold price, while paying homage to it's timeless design. Inspired by the highly popular Type 1 Buffalo Nickel, the American Gold Buffalo Coins were designed by James Earle Fraser. Fraser was a student of another gold coin legacy designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. James Earle Fraser was born in Minnesota and experienced life first-hand with the Native Americans and the struggle of being pushed into confined reservations. James Earle Fraser is best known for his Buffalo Nickel design and his End of the Trail sculpture, depicting the physical, sociological, and emotional exhaustion the Native Americans endured as settlers took over their land.

    The American Gold Buffalo Coin One Ounce Random Year offers collectors an already great deal on the first and so far, only 24 karat gold coin to be minted by the US Mint. The American Gold Buffalo Coin One Ounce Random Year cannot guarantee specified dates and is dependent on our ever-changing inventory. If you have a desired date in mind, please refer to our listings of specific dates.

    Coin Highlights
    -First US coin to be 24 karat gold.
    -Legal Tender Value of $50.
    -In brilliant uncirculated condition.
    -Dates are dependent on inventory.
    -Packaged in a plastic coin flip.
    -Obverse design: Displays a side profile portrait of a male Native American. The coin's date of mintage is discreetly noted on the obverse as well. Also, carries a "F" mark, underneath the date, that stands for Fraser, the designer.
    -Reverse design: The famous American Bison, Black Diamond, is pictured. The coin's weight and purity are inscribed below the animal, as well as the legal tender value of $50.

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