The Queen's Beasts 1 oz. Gold Bullion 2017 Griffin

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    The 2017 1 oz. Gold Bullion Queen's Beasts Griffin coin is the second release in the celebrated Queen’s Beasts series by The Royal Mint. This series, which explores the heraldic animals that have symbolized the various branches of royal ancestry throughout centuries, captures not just the physical beauty of these creatures but also their symbolic significance to British history. The Griffin of Edward III, featured on this coin, represents courage and strength, combining the noble qualities of both the eagle and the lion—two beasts historically associated with leadership and dominion.

    Designed by Jody Clark, who is known for his meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy, the coin features a powerful depiction of the griffin standing with its wings upraised, protective of the shield it clasps. The shield itself carries the unique emblem of Edward III, evoking a strong sense of medieval English heritage. The griffin is portrayed with an impressive level of intricacy, from the textured feathers to the muscular build of its lion’s body. On the obverse side, the coin features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, also designed by Clark, signifying her connection to the historical lineage represented by the beasts.

    This coin is struck in 999.9 fine gold, reflecting The Royal Mint’s commitment to high quality and purity standards for its bullion products. The 2017 Griffin is presented in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, meaning it maintains most of its original luster and has no significant marks of wear or handling. This level of preservation is important for collectors who value the aesthetic aspect of coin collecting as much as the historical and investment aspects.

    While the mintage of the 2017 1 oz. Gold Bullion Griffin was not officially limited, the coins are not minted continuously. This practice adds an element of exclusivity to the series, as each coin becomes harder to find in the market over time, especially in uncirculated condition. This scarcity, combined with the coin’s artistic and historical significance, tends to increase its value both as a collector's item and as an investment piece over time.

    In conclusion, the 2017 1 oz. Gold Bullion Queen's Beasts Griffin coin is a magnificent blend of art, history, and craftsmanship. It appeals to a wide audience, from numismatists and historians to investors in precious metals. The coin not only symbolizes the valor and vigilance of the mythical griffin but also serves as a tangible piece of British royal heritage, encapsulating the legacy of Edward III and the timeless art of heraldic symbolism in a single, splendidly minted ounce of gold.

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