The Queen's Beasts 1/4 oz. Gold Bullion 2018 Unicorn

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    The 2018 Queen’s Beasts 1/4 oz. Gold Bullion Unicorn coin is a part of the celebrated Queen’s Beasts series issued by The Royal Mint, which delves into the rich tapestry of heraldry and myth that has surrounded the British monarchy for centuries. The Unicorn of Scotland, featured on this coin, stands as a symbol of purity, strength, and power, elements historically associated with Scottish heraldry. As the fourth release in the series, the Unicorn coin continues the tradition of celebrating the royal protectorate beasts that stood guard at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

    Designed by the acclaimed Jody Clark, the 2018 Unicorn coin captures the elegance and fierce dignity of this mythical creature. The unicorn is portrayed rearing beside a shield adorned with the historic Scottish arms, a design rich in detail and emblematic significance. This image not only reflects the mythological creature’s storied past within Scottish symbolism but also showcases The Royal Mint’s exceptional craftsmanship in capturing intricate designs on such a small scale. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait, reinforcing the connection between the coin’s heraldic themes and the monarchy.

    This coin is struck from 999.9 fine gold, ensuring its appeal to both investors and collectors due to the purity of its composition. It is issued in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, which preserves the original mint luster without any wear from handling. This state is crucial for maintaining the coin's value and aesthetic, particularly in the highly detailed portrayal of the unicorn and its surroundings, which are best appreciated without any surface imperfections.

    Mintage figures for the Queen’s Beasts coins are not typically released in detail by The Royal Mint, adding an element of exclusivity and potential rarity to each piece. The 1/4 oz. Unicorn, being a part of this limited series and a popular weight for collectors, holds significant appeal not only for its artistic and historical merit but also for its potential scarcity in the future. This aspect makes it a valued piece for both collectors and investors, who appreciate both its aesthetic qualities and its investment potential.

    In conclusion, the 2018 Queen’s Beasts 1/4 oz. Gold Bullion Unicorn coin is a remarkable blend of mythological grandeur and numismatic artistry. It embodies the rich cultural heritage of the United Kingdom, represented through its exquisite design and high-quality gold. The Unicorn, as a symbol of Scotland and a creature of purity and strength, is rendered with a mastery that appeals to those who collect not just coins but pieces of art that carry deep historical significance. This coin stands as a testament to the enduring allure of British heraldry and the craftsmanship of The Royal Mint.

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