The Queen's Beasts 1/4 oz. Gold Bullion 2018 The Bull

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    The 2018 Queen’s Beasts 1/4 oz. Gold Bullion Bull of Clarence coin is an integral part of the heraldic series that celebrates the rich historical lineage of the British monarchy. The Bull of Clarence, a symbol associated with the English royal family since the 15th century, represents power and virility. This coin is the fifth release in the renowned Queen’s Beasts series by The Royal Mint, which pays tribute to the ten ancestral beasts that stood guard during the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

    Expertly crafted by Jody Clark, the design of the Bull of Clarence showcases a robust and majestic bull in a defiant stance, encapsulating the strength and resilience historically attributed to this beast. The bull is positioned over a shield that bears the arms of Edward IV, the first king of England from the House of York, further connecting the coin to its royal roots. The detailed texturing of the bull’s hide and the muscular contours are a testament to the Mint’s commitment to high-quality coinage. On the obverse, the coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, also designed by Clark, which provides a regal counterpart to the heraldic theme of the reverse.

    This coin is struck from 999.9 fine gold, affirming its status as a premium bullion product. It is presented in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, ensuring that it retains the mint’s original luster and detail without any wear from circulation. This level of preservation is essential for collectors who value the beauty and intricacy of the design as well as the coin’s precious metal content.

    While The Royal Mint does not typically disclose the mintage figures for each coin within the Queen’s Beasts series, the limited production of these coins adds a layer of exclusivity and potential for appreciation. The Bull of Clarence, with its striking design and historical significance, is particularly appealing to those interested in English heraldry, royal history, and investment in gold bullion.

    In summary, the 2018 Queen’s Beasts 1/4 oz. Gold Bullion Bull of Clarence coin is a masterpiece of numismatic design and a significant cultural artifact. It not only serves as a collectible item for those interested in precious metals and numismatics but also acts as a commemorative piece that celebrates the enduring legacy of the British monarchy’s heraldry. With its precise craftsmanship, historical resonance, and pure gold composition, this coin is a valuable addition to any collection, reflecting both the past glories and the continuing traditions of royal symbolism.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 2018
    • Diameter: 22 mm
    • Mint Mark: N/A
    • Thickness: 1 mm
    • Grade: N/A

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