Susan B Anthony Dollar Roll (20 Coins) 1980-S Proof

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    Due to the overproduction, of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, there are millions of coins in perfect mint state condition. With a poor circulation rate, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was mainly used for vending machines, allowing large amounts of coins to be preserved from lack of use. Since the US Mint already used an important historical figure on the Eisenhower Dollar, many numismatists protested for an actual female to be featured on the new dollar. After an intense voting process, Susan B. Anthony's portrait was chosen. The famous social reformer is honored for her activism efforts in the antislavery and women's suffrage movements, raised in a Quaker home who believed in social equality. The 1980-S Susan B. Anthony Dollar Roll is in flawless proof condition, exhibiting a perfectly mirrored finish.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1980
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