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    The Philadelphia Mint is almost as old as the US, being established in 1792 by the Founding Fathers. It still stands today, offering the best coin series the US has to offer! The 1883 Seated Liberty Dime shares the date with some important events in the US. Alabama was the first US state to enact the Antitrust Law, the Brooklyn Bridge opened for its first time after 13 years of construction, and the world's first rodeo was held in Texas.

    The 1883 Seated Liberty Dime contains a mintage of 7.6 million minted. Considered to be in very good condition, the 1883 Seated Liberty Dime has suffered heavy wear on both sides, with primary details lacking. Minted by the Philadelphia Mint, the 1883 Seated Liberty Dime carries no mint-mark.The Seated Liberty design was used on all coinage, such as the dime, quarter, and half dollar. This was the trend until 1916, wherein the US Mint assigned different designs to all the denominational coins. The Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco Mint participated in the production of the Seated Liberty series. The San Francisco Mint was established until 1854 so it joined in later on for the series. The Philadelphia Mint was the first mint to be commissioned in the US, as a means to put the new nation on the map for international commerce. The first mint facility was established by the original Founding Fathers and has had its hand in every successful coin series since. Since it is the first mint in the US, the Philadelphia Mint does not mark its coins with a mint-mark.

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