Seated Liberty Dime 1876 Very Good

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    The 1876 Seated Liberty Dime is considered to be in very good condition and contains a large amount of wear. Due to its condition, the 1876 Seated Liberty Dime is lacking in coin details. The Philadelphia Mint produced over 11.4 million dimes in 1876, which is a high mintage. The Philadelphia Mint was the main mint, in the US, that produced some of the most valuable coin collections we know today. Being established in 1792, the Philadelphia Mint is almost as old as this US and was founded by the Founding Fathers. The Philadelphia Mint put the US on the international commerce map, allowing for the new country to participate in importing and exporting with other countries.

    Known as the second longest coin series in history, first goes to the modern Washington Quarter series, the Seated Liberty Dime collection was minted from 1837-1891. The Seated Liberty design was used on the dime, quarter, and half dollar and would be replaced by the infamous Barber coin series. The series underwent numerous revisions throughout its cycle as the US coinage, creating varietal types for collectors. Some examples of these varieties are large and small dates, stars and no stars, drapery being removed, re-struck mint-marks, and a die crack at various stages of production. The Seated Liberty collection is not for the faint of heart and is mainly popular among experienced collectors.

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    • Year: 1876
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