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    With a mintage of over 5.6 million, the 1856 Seated Liberty Dime is accessible in most grades. Considered to be in good condition, the 1856 Seated Liberty Dime will wear that compromises the details of the coin. The 1856 Seated Liberty Dime contains a smaller struck date compared to other years. 1856 is an important date in US history because James Buchanan becomes president, Dallas is established as a city in Texas, and the University of Maryland opens its doors. The Seated Liberty Dime series is perfect for experienced collectors, since it carries low minted coins with high premiums. Collectors also enjoy this series as an investment, due to its 90% silver content.

    The Seated Liberty Dime series began its production in 1837 and continued until 1891. The Seated Liberty design was used on the dime, quarter, and half dollar and would be replaced by the infamous Barber coin series. The dime underwent numerous revisions throughout its cycle as the US dime, creating varietal types for collectors. Some examples of these varieties are large and small dates, stars and no stars, drapery being removed, re-struck mint-marks, and a die crack at various stages of production. The Seated Liberty collection is not for the faint of heart and is mainly popular among experienced collectors.

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