Seated Liberty Dime 1853 Arrows Extra Fine

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    The Seated Liberty series is one of the earlier coin collections that consisted of every coin matching in means of its design. Minted from 1837-1891, the Seated Liberty coin series goes down in history as one of the longest standing coin collections, after the modern Washington Quarter series. For a time, there was a misunderstanding of a law that coins needed to be minted for at least 25 years before being replaced. It wouldn't be until the end of the Barber coin series that this misunderstanding would be redirected. The Philadelphia Mint was established in 1792, by the original Founding Fathers, and as flourished in coin production ever since. Before the Denver Mint, the Philadelphia Mint was the lead coin producer in all of the US, outshining any of her sister mint branches.

    Since the 1853 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime has a large mintage of over 12 million, this variety isn't too hard to find in most grades. The 1853 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime is in extra fine condition. One of the reasons collectors enjoy the Seated Liberty series is the different variety coins offered. The Seated Liberty Dime saw through a few revisions, making a decent list for different varieties to collect. The 1853 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime is one of those varietals that is more accessible than others. The 1853 Arrows Seated Liberty Dime features arrows on both sides of the date, on the obverse. When the US Mint adjusted the weight of each denomination, in the series, they also made adjustments to the actual coin design. In 1853 and 1873, the mint added arrows on either side of the date.

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