Sacagawea Dollar 2009-S Proof

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    Following the footsteps of the Susan B. Anthony dollar, the Sacagawea Dollar is the second US Dollar to contain an image of a woman, who isn't Lady Liberty. After drastically changing the aesthetic of the US Dollar, from the Eisenhower Dollar to the Susan B. Anthony Dollar, the US Mint desired to keep the new Sacagawea Dollar small and keep the mintages more contained. The US Mint also changed the copper-nickel alloy so that the copper color would come through on the coin, causing a golden tint. Although the Sacagawea Dollar looks golden, it actually doesn't contain any gold at all. The 2009-S Sacagawea Dollar was minted at the San Francisco Mint and displays the new reverse design of 2009. From 2009 on, the US Mint began changing the dollar's reverse design, departing from the simple eagle design. The Sacagawea Dollar's tender value is $1 but it exceeds that value for collectibility demands.

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    • Year: 2009
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