Sacagawea Dollar 2005-S Proof

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    The Sacagawea Dollar series is perfect for novice collectors or kids who are interested in starting their collection! With a more controlled mintage than previous US dollars, the Sacagawea series is primarily produced for collectibility purposes. Being the first dollar to contain a golden sheen, the Sacagawea Dollar contains solid copper in its core. Sacagawea, the person, is a famous Shoshone Native American, who helped lead the Lewis and Clark expedition through the Louisiana Purchase. Since most of the territory was unknown, Sacagawea became the famous duo's liaison for the Native Americans, who felt threatened by the white man. The 2005-S Sacagawea Dollar perfectly demonstrates how beautiful Sacagawea was, by exhibiting her portrait on the obverse. The availability of the Sacagawea Dollar makes for a low premium collection with mint state quality.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 2005
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