Sacagawea Dollar 2004-S Proof

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    Inspired by the theme of a female portrait, the US Mint used the Susan B. Anthony Dollar to create the Sacagawea Dollar. The US Mint learned the hard way that the Eisenhower Dollar's large size wasn't the most ideal for circulation purposes. Scaling down to a coin that could actually fit into vending machines, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was conceived shortly after. Instead of using Lady Liberty, the US Mint enjoyed featuring women who are an important part to US history. Sacagawea was a Shoshone Indian, who led Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition. Since the famous duo was venturing on unchartered territory, the natives wouldn't take kindly to the adventurous crew. Sacagawea was able to save their lives by making cultural connections from North Dakota, all the way to the Pacific Coast. The 2004-S Sacagawea Dollar has been minted by the San Francisco Mint and is in prime brilliant uncirculated condition.

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    • Year: 2004
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