Presidential Dollars Zachary Taylor 2009-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    Zachary Taylor was the 12 president of the United States and was more a general than a politician. When James K. Polk wanted to annex Texas, the Mexican-American War broke out, and Zachary Taylor became a national hero. Despite his unexperienced resume in any type of office, Taylor was elected as president. Like the Founding Fathers, Taylor was also born to a Virginian planter family but swiftly moved to Kentucky after his birth. He started as an officer in the US Army and earned the title of Captain in the War of 1812. Taylor's main goal, as president, was to preserve the Union. Unfortunately, Taylor's presidency was cut short when suddenly died to a stomach illness just 17 months after being elected.

    The Philadelphia Mint was the first mint facility to produce American currency. Once liberated from Britain, the Founding Fathers desired to establish their own currency and place in the world of international commerce. Along with the mint, the Mint Act was put into place, setting requirements for the new currency. One rule that is still required, of the mint, is to display an emblematic symbol of liberty on every coin. The Presidential Dollar series stays true to this requirement by featuring the Statue of Liberty on the reverse of every coin. The obverse portrays Zachary Taylor and his shortened term in office, designed by Don Everhart. The Presidential Dollar series is comprised of a metallic alloy that is quite unique than what we have seen in the past. Instead of the nickel/copper combo, the US Mint upgraded the Presidential Dollars to a copper/brass composition, resulting in the lovely golden color. There are 25 dollars, to a roll, and each dollar is in brilliant uncirculated condition. It also cannot be guaranteed that this roll will come in original packaging.

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