Presidential Dollars James Monroe 2008-P 25 pcs (Roll)

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    James Monroe was the last of the Founding Fathers but the first president to be featured on the 2008 Presidential Dollar series. Monroe was also the last president of the Virginian dynasty, born and raised on a plantation. Like the other Founding Fathers, Monroe had a childhood on plantations as his parents worked. Once his father passed, Monroe inherited the plantation and its workers. The College of William and Mary also educated Monroe, as well as the majority of the Founding Fathers. Later in life, Monroe fought in the Revolutionary War and was severely injured by a musket ball in the Battle of Trenton. Monroe studied law under Thomas Jefferson and was elected into the Senate of the first Congress in the US.

    The Presidential Dollar series was produced to memorialize all of the past presidents of the United States. Each portrait, featured on the obverse of this series, portrays each president in their prime. The Presidential Dollar series is comprised of a copper and brass mixture, causing the beautifully unique golden color. On the 2008-P Presidential Dollar, James Monroe is pictured with his term in office dates. The reverse reveals an emblematic symbol of liberty: the Statue of Liberty with the coin's legal tender value. The Philadelphia Mint was established by the Founding Fathers and claims "P" as their mint-mark. All Presidential Dollars are in prime brilliant uncirculated condition and packaged in rolls of 25. Since our inventory changes daily, please give us a call to ensure how the dollar rolls are packaged. Whether you enjoy modern coin collections or know a history buff, the Presidential Dollar series is perfect for you!

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