Presidential Dollar George Washington 2007-D 25 pcs (Roll)

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    George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. To this day, the first Commander-in-Chief is honored with his portrait featured on US currency. Not only was this son of a Tobacco farmer an amazing leader, but he was an even better soldier. When his father died, he wasn't able to attend the prestigious and expensive school his older brothers were akin to, so he enlisted. Washington saw his fair share of war horrors but still worked extremely hard and moved his way up the militia rankings. Washington was also one of the Founding Fathers, choosing to establish the first mint facility, the Philadelphia Mint. Not only did he leave a legacy for presidents, that would follow his footsteps for years to come, but he also left a dream that inspires accomplishing anything, even if you are born to a Tobacco farmer in rural Virginia.

    In 2007, the Denver and Philadelphia Mints decided to begin a president legacy series, memorializing all of the past presidents. Going in chronological order, George Washington was the first to be minted. The Presidential Dollar series exhibits the remarkable golden color that tricks any collector into thinking the dollar is actually gold. The metallic composition for the Presidential Dollar contains a copper core with manganese brass that gives it the golden hue. George Washington's portrait is displayed on the obverse of this legal $1 coin, as well as his name and term in office. The reverse reveals the prominent Statue of Liberty, bravely holding her torch, accompanied by the coin's monetary denomination. Each roll contains 25 coins and will not be sold individually. It is not guaranteed that these coins come in their original sealed paper so please call before placing an order. The Presidential Dollar series is a great way to remember the history of our forefathers and honor the legacy they left behind.

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