Platinum American Eagle Half Ounce (dates our choice)

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    The Uncirculated American Platinum Eagle is a newly established coin, authorized by Congress in 1996 and first issued a year later. Fans of the American Silver and Gold Eagle coins can appreciate this new metal in their collection while still enjoying a coin made in the US. Platinum's popularity has greatly increased, over the last couple of years, for its higher market price and durability for jewelry. Platinum has a reputation for its ductile and malleable attributes and having excellent resistance to corrosion. It's resistance to tarnish and wear is a main reason why investing in platinum coins may have your best interests in mind. Offering the Dates of Our Choice option, you get the best deal when it comes to this highly popular product. Dates of Our Choice means that we are selling a back-date, for a very low premium and the date of the coin is unknown until arrival and cannot be guaranteed.

    The Uncirculated American Platinum Eagle is guaranteed to contain .9999 pure platinum, is in brilliant uncirculated condition, and weighs 1/2 ounce of platinum. The smaller increments make investing in high value precious metals a reality for every collector. The reverse displays a patriotic symbol for liberty and freedom, the American bald eagle. With wings outstretched as it soars over purple mountains majesty, the bald eagle has always been treasured in the US, and has always been used on currency. The reverse is hallmark stamped with the coin's purity, weight, and legal tender denomination. The coin's obverse design features an up close look at the Statue of Liberty in New York City. The design was inspired by the Goddess of Liberty, a face that has been used on international currency, since the Roman Empire. Similar to its gold and silver counterparts, the platinum eagle's obverse is also stamped with the coin's date of mintage, "In God We Trust," and "Liberty" above the statue's head. . The Uncirculated American Platinum Eagle holds the highest face value of any US precious metal coins.

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