Peace Silver Dollar Very Fine Condition 1926-D

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    Now considered the top producer of coins in the world, the Denver Mint dabbled with the production of the Peace silver dollar. Due to the Pittman Act in 1918, the US Mint was required to mint millions of silver dollars from domestic silver obtained. The Morgan dollar's design was used immediately, since it was readily available, but numismatists lobbied for a change of scenery. The Peace dollar portrayed an eagle, carrying an olive branch, which internationally represents peace. The Peace silver dollar became the first dollar to commemorate peace and the last silver dollar the US Mint would produce for circulation. The Denver Mint produced only 5 coins, in that timeframe, making any Peace dollar with a "D" mint-mark a highly collectible coin. Your 1926-D Peace silver dollar is in very fine condition and exhibits wear on both sides of the coin. The most wear is on Liberty's hairline and the eagle's feathers on the reverse.

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    • Year: 1926
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