Peace Silver Dollar Uncirculated 1922

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    The 1922 Peace dollar was the first year all three mints took part in the minting of the silver dollar. The Philadelphia Mint produced the most coins, causing this date to be plentiful in all grades. This was also the first year that the Peace dollar didn't have to share the stage with the Morgan silver dollar. The Pittman Act of 1918 required the US Mint to begin minting millions of silver dollars again. Since the Morgan silver dollar's design was readily available, the US Mint defaulted to the famous design. Numismatists fought for Congress to change the design for something to honor World War I. After much time lobbying, the redesign containing a new goddess of Liberty was approved just in time. Your 1922 Peace Silver dollar is in brilliant uncirculated condition, exhibiting its beautifully original mint luster and incredible detail in the design.

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    • Year: 1922
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