Peace Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1934-S

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    The San Francisco Mint joined forces with the Philadelphia and Denver mints to satisfy the bill's needs in 1934. A congressional act was passed, to enact the production of silver dollars once more, since domestic silver was at an all time low. With a lower mintage, compared to previous years, the San Francisco Mint produced just over 1 million Peace dollars in 1934. Most of the 1934-S Peace dollars were put into circulation, saving a very small amount for collection purposes. Your 1934-S Peace silver dollar is in high demand among collectors. Considered to be in fine condition, your Peace dollar contains wear on both side of the coin, with Liberty and the eagle to be the most worn. All Peace dollars also contain 90% silver, alluring in investors as much as collectors. Being the first US coin to represent peace in the nation, the Peace silver dollar is a great collection for anyone to start!

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    • Year: 1934
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