Peace Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1934

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    Although it was planned that 1928 was the Peace dollar's final year of production, the price of domestic silver hit an all time low, tempting the US Mint to produce more silver dollars in 1934. Even though it was a comeback, the Philadelphia Mint kept their production low with only 954,097 dollars in 1934. Under the reign of a new Chief Engraver, the Peace silver dollar was minted at all three mints for the returning year. Most of the 1934 Peace dollars were placed into circulation but finding higher grades isn't a challenge for this date either. Your 1934 Peace silver dollar is in fine condition, with large amounts of wear on both sides of the coin. Some dollars in fine condition even have smoothed over surfaces, due to the extent of the wear. Since the 1934 Peace dollar's mintage is low, this coin is a prized collector's item.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1934
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