Peace Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1927-S

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    Coined at the most prestigious of the US Mint branches, the 1927-S Peace silver contains the lowest mintage of all the Peace dollars from the San Francisco Mint. Collectors usually aim for the higher grades, when it comes to the 1927-S Peace silver dollar, since its availability is so scarce. The San Francisco Mint has kept a flawless reputation for over 150 years, keeping silver dollar collectors happy every step of the way. It has even officially been recorded that the San Francisco's quality control, during the production of the silver dollars, was at full throttle, resulting in high quality coins. Your 1927-S Peace silver dollar is a hard coin to locate, especially in almost uncirculated condition. Collectors enjoy AU silver dollars, since they still contain their original mint luster, and have the least amount of wear out of the circulated conditions.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1927
    • Diameter: N/A
    • Mint Mark: N/A
    • Thickness: N/A
    • Grade: N/A

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