Peace Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1925

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    In 1925, the Philadelphia Mint saw the end of production in sight and started to greatly decrease its production of the Peace silver dollar. Due to the Pittman Act, the US Mint was under contract to produce millions of silver dollars until 1928. It was decided that the design, of the Peace dollar, would reflect the peace that was won in World War I. Designed by Anthony de Francisci, the Peace dollar depicts Goddess of Liberty on the obverse and an eagle holding an emblematic symbol of peace, an olive branch, in its talon. Although none of the Peace dollars contain a low mintage, they are still considered a collectible coin due to history and the amount that was out into circulation. Your 1925 Peace dollar is in almost uncirculated condition, exhibiting wear on the Goddess of Liberty and the eagle on the reverse. Many almost uncirculated Peace dollars still contain about 3/4's of their original mint luster.

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    • Year: 1925
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