Peace Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1922-S

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    The San Francisco Mint joined forces with the Denver Mint and the Philadelphia Mint, in 1922, to aid in the production of the Peace silver dollars. The reauthorization of minting silver dollars took place in 1918, requiring the US Mint to turn out millions of silver dollars by 1928. The Morgan silver dollar's design was used as a default but was quickly changed to the Peace dollar, which memorializes peace after World War I. The San Francisco Mint's reputation of high quality control exceeds itself with the Peace dollar. Even in the more heavily circulated grades, the Peace dollar with the "S" mint-mark is of higher quality than those minted elsewhere. Your 1922-S Peace silver dollar is in almost uncirculated condition, exhibiting slight wear but original mint luster is still intact. Every silver dollar collector takes comfort in owning a coin from the reputable San Francisco Mint!

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    • Year: 1922
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