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    The Pamp Suisse Fortuna ingot is perhaps one of the most iconic bars of precious metals in the world. Beloved by collectors and investors alike, the Fortuna ingot has the distinction of being the first artistic design to embellish a metal bar. The bar, recognized throughout the world, bears an exquisite, highly stylized engraving of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of prosperity. She is surrounded by mythological references: a horn of plenty, a wheel of fortune, sheaves of wheat, poppies, and coins. The obverse is engraved with the Pamp Suisse logo, and stamped with the bar’s weight and purity (1 oz Fine Silver, 999.0). Each bar is also stamped with a unique serial number. Each bar arrives sealed in an individual assay card.

    Headquartered in Switzerland, Pamp Suisse is recognized throughout the world primarily for its gold products. The company recently began minting silver bars, which are now as prized by collectors and investors as the company’s gold due to the care and precision that goes into each bar. Although Pamp Suisse’s silver bars are comparatively expensive, due to the artistry and workmanship of each design as well as the security features on each bar. Additionally, each bar comes with a certificate and each will be encased in plastic.

    Founded in 1977 in Ticino, Switzerland, Pamp Suisse is recognized as one of the world’s leading bullion brands. Bars are produced in the company’s technologically advanced refinery, and their quality is assured. Pamp is an acronym for Produits Artistiques de Metaux Precieux (Artistic Products of Precious Metals). They are prized throughout the world for their superior beauty and craftsmanship.

    Silver is a far better investment than many people realize. While many investors and collectors salivate at the thought of gold, in the last several years, silver has been a more reliable investment. This is driven partly by investor demand for silver as well as an increasing demand in China. Many investors see silver as a convenient option for investing because it has historically been seen as the “poor man’s gold,” as it is comparatively affordable. It can be purchased in coins or in bars, which makes it easy to store and transport. Silver bars, in particular, offer convenience as they come in a variety of sizes and are the least expensive of the silver forms. They can be purchased directly from a number of private mints and dealers as well as in many banks. The dollar is losing value and gold is often prohibitively expensive, making silver a very attractive option. Unlike many investment options, silver bars (or coins) guarantee ownership.

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