Morgan Silver Dollar Uncirculated 1882-O

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    George T. Morgan is the US Mint engraver responsible for the Morgan silver dollar design. Morgan was so experienced and so talented that as an assistant engraver, he designed a coin that was named after him. He wouldn't be donned Chief engraver until the actual chief passed in 1918. Morgan spent half of his life in England, as an engraver, and expanded his horizons in the US. Morgan portrays Lady Liberty in such a personal way, with a close portrait of her face. Instead of focusing on Liberty as a whole, which many coin engravers have done and are doing, Morgan zooms in on her delicate facial features. She is encompassed by the age old saying, "E Pluribus Unum," which is Latin for "out of many, one." The reverse isn't as monumental but still a beautiful depiction of an eagle. Your 1882-O Morgan was minted in New Orleans and is in brilliant uncirculated condition.

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    • Year: 1882
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