Morgan Silver Dollar Uncirculated 1881-CC

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    Morgans that carry the mint mark, "CC" are usually rare and highly sought after in the coin collection world. The "CC" stands for Carson City, Nevada, where the coin was minted. Only 296,000 Carson City Morgans were minted in 1881, thus being a priority item for many collectors' collections. Morgans were first minted in 1878 and stopped their production in 1904. The government tried to pass many laws prohibiting the sale of free silver from freelance miners and instead be purchased at a certain amount from the market. The government silver reserves depleted, causing the production of the Morgan to end. Your 1881-CC Morgan weighs just under a troy ounce and contains 90% silver. Lady Liberty's face is featured on the obverse of every Morgan and the reverse contains an eagle. Along with the famous sayings, "E Pluribus Unum," and "In God We Trust," the Morgan portrays all of the currency history of the US.

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    • Year: 1881
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