Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1895-O

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    In the 1960's, the US Treasury released many bags of mint-state coins that have just been sitting around for 70 years. Many anxious collectors rummaged through these bags to find not even one 1895-O in mint state condition. To say the 1895-O Morgan is a rare find is definitely an understatement. The year, 1895, was the final year of the silver purchasing shortage, making any Morgan minted between the years 1893-1895 come with an incredibly low mintage. Your 1895-O Morgan silver dollar features the "O" mint-mark on its reverse side. Only 450,000 Morgans were struck in 1895 at the New Orleans Mint, most being placed into circulation. This coin is considered to be in good-very good condition, with large amounts wear on the coin's surface, lacking the sharpness in image details. Luckily, the date is still readable in this condition.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1895
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