Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1882

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    Although the Morgan is a large part of US history, it's nice to learn other events that were happening at the same time. In 1882, the Old West outlaw, Jesse James, was assassinated by Robert Ford and Thomas Edison started the world's first commercial power plant in NYC this year as well. The 1882 Immigration Act was passed and the first US labor day parade also took place. Your 1882 Morgan is in fine condition, with heavy wear on the whole surface of the coin, causing the coin to be very smooth. Your coin was also minted at the very first mint facility in the US: the Philadelphia Mint. Philadelphia was the nation's capital at the time so it only made sense the first mint was built there. The Mint Act was passed in 1792 and because of the Mint Act, we have a symbol of liberty on every coin we make. Your 1882 Morgan is in good-very good condition, with the date still readable.

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    • Year: 1882
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