Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1883

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    It's easy to forget all of the history that might seem unimportant but actually, it has the most significant impact on where we are today. While the Morgans were being minted in 1883, 5 continental time zones were established to settle the confusion on the railroads and the University of Texas Austin opened its doors to students. Also Texas, the world's first rodeo was held. Some other events that happened in 1883 were the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, in NYC, after 13 years of construction. Since this job was so large, there was a rumor a few days later about the bridge possibly collapsing and sending people into a frenzy, causing the death of twelve people. Learning the history, during the time of the Morgan, is a great conversation starter and encouragement for someone who is thinking of collecting. Your 1883 Morgan is in good-very good condition, with heavy wear on the coin but the date is still visible.

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    • Year: 1883
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