Morgan Silver Dollar G-VG 1893-S

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    The 1893-S Morgan silver dollar is the most rare gem of the one hundred year old silver coin. In 1893, there was a law that was passed, making the purchase of new silver for the dollars illegal. This was to ensure that the overproduction of Morgans would come to a halt. Since there were literally millions of Morgan silver dollars just sitting in banks and the Treasury, not being used for circulation, the government decided to cut the amount of Morgans being minted for a few years. Between the years 1893-1895, some of the lowest minted Morgans were struck and are now on every experienced collector's bucket list. The 1893-S Morgan was minted in the world renown US Mint, San Francisco, carrying a famous reputation for the quality of coins they produce.

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    • Year: 1893
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