Australian Koala 1 Ounce Silver 2015

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    Beginning in 2007, the Perth Mint decided to start a silver bullion collection that honored another iconic figure to the Australian culture: the Koala. The Koala bear is native to Australia and are known to eat only plants. The koala’s small structure and adorable, claw-like hands enabling them to climb high in the trees to get their food.

    The Perth Mint also changes the reverse design yearly to attract coin collectors worldwide. These silver bullion coins are one troy ounce of .999 fine silver, they are in brilliant uncirculated condition, and are delivered in mint sealed capsules. The Perth Mint's highly respected reputation doesn't disappoint with this silver Koala coin series. If you are looking to invest in and buy silver online but don't know where to begin, consider this silver bullion series. You won't regret it!

    Coin Highlights
    -.999 fine silver
    -BU condition
    -Sealed in capsule
    -Obverse: The obverse design might be the most realistic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II yet. Every detail from her curly, short hair, to her slight smirk is included in this portrait. Also, the way the design look, makes the Queen become 3-dimensional, a very impressive effect for coin collectors. The rim states the coin's place of mintage and its legal tender value, "Australia," and "1 dollar."
    -Reverse: The reverse design of the 2015 Koala is of a lone koala, wedged into a tree branch and looking above the trees. In the background, tall grass is encroaching on the koala and fluffy, thin clouds that lay overhead. What really catches the observer's eye is the amount of detail that makes up the koala's body and fur. Each line is accounted for, creating a large and realistic koala. Encircling the outer edge of the coin is, "Australian Koala," and "2015 1 oz .999 silver." The Perth Mint's mark, "P," is also discreetly written in the sky to show where the coin originated.

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    • Year: 2015
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