Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Condition 1891

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    Reminders, like the Morgan silver dollar, are a great way to learn about or remember the past we can so easily forget. Owning a coin that is over one hundred years old holds much more value than just its weight in silver. In 1891, Stanford opened its doors to knowledge-seeking, prestigious students and the Wrigley Company started its production of the famous gum in Chicago. Also in 1891, the Music Hall in New York, that is now known as Carnegie Hall, performed its grand opening with Tchaikovsky as the guest conductor. Your 1891 Morgan silver dollar was minted in Philadelphia but does not carry a mint mark. The Philadelphia Mint was the first US Mint to open and is also one of the original mints to have produced the Morgan. Your coin is in fine condition, with a heavy amount of wear on the coin, creating a smooth surface.

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    • Year: 1891
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