Morgan Silver Dollar Extra Fine Condition 1896-S

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    Even though the Morgans were minted plentiful in 1896, the 1896-S is still a main leader in the "Most Wanted" by collectors list. This is because it's hard to find ones in a condition that isn't circulated. At the time, not many were saved in bags to assigned mint state condition. Only a few collectors saved some from the damages of being in circulation. Your 1883-S Morgan is in extra fine condition, alluring new collectors in with its still intact original mint luster. This luster doesn't shine like it used to but it is still noticeable. There is also some wear included on Lady Liberty's cheek, hairline, and ear. On the reverse, the eagle displays worn breast, wing, and tail feathers. Being minted at one of the most successful branches of the US Mint, your coin also sports the proud "S" mint mark.

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    • Denomination: N/A
    • Year: 1896
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