Morgan Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1881

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    When researching the phenomenal history of the Morgan Silver dollar, it can be quite off-putting how many bills were passed then vetoed just in the name of making silver dollars. The Bland-Allison Act authorized the minting of the Morgan and demanded that all silver for the dollars be bought at market price, which greatly discouraged freelance miners. Freelance miners were no longer able to receive the direct profit after mining their own silver. Throughout the Morgan silver dollar's life, there were many acts that were repealed as the government was trying to have more regulations over the silver market. The Morgan silver dollar was stopped in production in 1904 and had one more year in 1921, just to pass the torch to the Peace dollar. Your 1881 Morgan has been minted in Philadelphia and carries no mint mark. Your Morgan is considered to be in almost uncirculated condition. Morgans that are in AU condition are expecting to show some wear around the main images and no longer have that luster that is loved about the brilliant uncirculated coins.

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    • Year: 1881
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