Morgan Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1879-S

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    In those first years of minting the Morgan Silver dollar, the government tried to regulate the amount of silver being freely mined. The US Mint was given countless deadlines for the amount of silver dollars they should produce every month. Unfortunately, to meet these deadlines, the amount of silver being mined wasn't enough to meet these intensive governmental deadlines. The government also had silver reserves that were only to be used to melt and mint silver dollars. Those reserves ran out in 1904 and just like that, the Morgan's production also came to an end. It wasn't until 1918 that the reauthorization of the minting and mining of silver coins was passed. The Morgan dollar had one last hoorah in 1921 before the Peace dollar became the new silver dollar. Your 1879-S Morgan was minted in San Francisco and carries the "S" mint mark. It is considered to be in the almost uncirculated condition and is packaged in a coin flip to protect it while in transit.

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    • Year: 1879
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