Morgan Silver Dollar Almost Uncirculated 1878-CC

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    The Morgan silver dollar was first minted in 1878, after the Coinage Act of 1873 that ceased production of an earlier dollar, the Seated Liberty. Morgans were minted at several US Mint sectors including Carson City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Sometimes, depending on the place of mintage, the Morgan's value can be positively affected. Morgans minted in Carson City carry the beloved "CC" mint-mark that every Morgan collector is always on the hunt for. This Morgan was minted at the Carson City sector of the US mint and depending on its condition, it has become difficult to find. Almost uncirculated 1878-CC Morgans are less rare than a BU coin but still a popular find. George T. Morgan was the English engraver who designed the Morgan silver dollar and presents Lady Liberty's face on the obverse, instead of a full body illustration that most currency has fallen in line to feature.

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    • Year: 1878
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