Morgan Dollars Pre-1921 Uncirculated Mixed Date Roll (20 pcs.)

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    The Morgan Silver Dollar's popularity only increases with every year, forcing these gems to gradually become unaccessible. If you have heard about the wonders of owning these ancient gems, then now is your time to act before they are all claimed! The Pre-1921 Uncirculated Morgan Dollars Mixed Date Roll contains a mixture of dates that are considered to have a low-mintage. This roll is perfect for an investor, who doesn't have time to track down every single Morgan, but wants to enjoy the benefits of owning the series. Since 1921 is one of the most common dates, among the Morgan Silver Dollar collection, dates before that are highly sought after. Take comfort in knowing you are increasing the numismatic value of your silver collection by investing in the Morgan Silver Dollars.

    Due to the Coinage Act of 1873 the Seated Liberty dollar ceased production, causing the Morgan silver dollar to become the first standard silver dollar minted afterwards. The Bland-Allison Act authorized the minting of the Morgan and demanded that all silver for the dollars be bought at market price. So no more free mining silver. This greatly affected all miners and the direct profit they received mining their own silver. Throughout the Morgan silver dollar's life, there were many acts that were repealed as the government was trying to have more regulations over the silver market. The Morgan silver dollar was stopped in production in 1904 and had one more year in 1921. The Morgan had one of the longest runs, for a silver dollar, and one of the most admired series out there. Most of these coins are over one hundred years old, still luminously shining from their original mint luster. Enjoy holding a piece of American history in your hand while also admiring the beauty of a highly numismatic coin.

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